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Jackie's story

Hi there,

I just read an inspiring story about Jackie Duan who changed her life through the Y's Youth & Government program.

Every day, the Y's Youth & Government inspires young people all across the country to lead by example, shine in their chosen field, and develop as human beings. This program changes people's lives.

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Jackie Duan of Youth & Government

Jackie Duan on
Youth & Government:

"About three years ago, I moved to the United States from China. I spoke poor English, but I was very confident and ready to overcome all obstacles that awaited me. However, unable to speak the language very well or to fit in easily, I was unprepared, confused and completely lost in this foreign world, uncertain of who I was and what I would become.

Gradually, I turned into the shy and quiet girl who I was not born to be -- until a phenomenal program called Youth & Government changed everything.

I was elected by 2,600 of my peers to serve them, making it the first time that life has turned in my favor since I moved to the U.S. Who would have thought a girl who came from a communist country with insufficient English could ever stand a chance at winning a democratic election?

The program provided a place for me to reach my full potential and a platform to display my hard work. I was a timid girl turned assertive and invincible overnight.

To me, Youth & Government is far more than just a Y program. It is an inspiration, a friend, a milestone, and, most of all, a pat on the back when you need it the most."